A tender short cookie crust with a sweet, jammy apricot center and elegantly sliced almonds on top.     
A tender oat and nut cookie crust with a sweet raspberry center and a toasty crumbled top.  
Everything you want in the perfect brownie - a decadent rich and chewy center with a lightly toasted finish. Perfect with a glass of milk!  
Rich, dark and decadent chocolate cake with a sweet chocolate glaze. Excellent as an afternoon treat or an elegant after dinner dessert.  
A buttery, sweet cookie with the warmth of toasty coconut.
Our take on a classic cookie. Sweet and a bit salty, with smooth peanut butter goodness in every bite.
This cookie is addictive! A classic chocolate chip cookie with the added subtle nutty richness of tahini.
A decadent and rich chocolate-on-chocolate cookie.
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Our buttery, flaky scones are as coveted as our pie crust!  This savory scone and is made with sharp cheddar cheese and freshly chopped chives. 
Our buttery, flaky scones are as coveted as our pie crust! This classic scone is choc-full of dark chocolate bits.
Our freshly baked muffins have the perfect cake like texture and are not too sweet. Classic blueberry is filled with plump, sweet-tart juicy berries with a light dusting of sugar on top.  
A Four & Twenty Blackbirds signature recipe. This tender molasses based bread is balanced with healthy nuts and seeds and topped with sliced almonds. Great toasted with butter or your favorite jam.    
A classic sweet bread with the addition of toasty pecans.
Made with locally grown New York State apples, this classic bread is a perfect treat.   
A delicate, moist bread with the floral tang of grapefruit and the subtle crunch of poppy seed. Topped with a lightly sweet citrus glaze.     
A fragrant spice bread with sweet prunes and a dusting of powdered sugar. 
A French classic  - a soft, sponge cake treat with hints of fragrant vanilla and sweet butter.
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