Test pie
A brown sugar custard with a layer of dark chocolate ganache on the bottom, filled with toasty oats. Like a deliciously gooey oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, in pie form.   
A Four & Twenty Blackbirds original creation, addictive and unique. Often imitated, never duplicated! Sweet, fragrant honey custard finished with a touch of flake sea salt for a perfect balance. A cult favorite!
Rich green tea custard made with Ippodo matcha imported from Japan.  Full bodied green tea flavor balanced out by decadently smooth and slightly sweet custard.
Smooth and rich chocolate custard made with cocoa powder - think chocolate pudding pie! Pairs perfectly with homemade whipped cream. 
A silken smooth custard that has the perfect lemon flavor; balancing tangy, sweetness, and creamy - a notch above meringue. Also tastes great when chilled.
Lightly toasted, buttery pecans sourced from Texas, blended with a classic (but not too sweet) pecan pie style custard, atop a decadent layer of dark chocolate ganache. This is pecan pie on a whole new level. 
A Four & Twenty Blackbirds classic, the best pumpkin pie you could possibly bring to your feast! The addition of brown butterscotch takes this pumpkin pie to another level. 
A Four & Twenty Blackbirds classic and our most popular pie. We start with a mix of sweet and tart apples sourced from the Hudson Valley of NY, tossed in a spice blend that includes Angostura bitters, and combined with our homemade caramel sauce. Finished with a light sprinkle of flake sea salt for a perfectly balanced apple pie.
A delicious blend of locally grown sweet and tart apples combined with both fresh and dried cranberries, topped with our lightly spiced, signature Oat Crumble. AVAILABLE FROM 12/1
A Four & Twenty Blackbirds classic and holiday favorite. Fresh and dried cranberries are combined to create the perfect balance of tart and sweet, and then complimented with a hint of sage.  Pairs nicely with whipped fresh cream. AVAILABLE FROM 12/1
AVAILABLE 12/20-12/24 ONLY A special pie only available for the holidays! An egg nog custard spiked with bourbon and baked in a gingerbread spiced crust - a bit boozy and definitely rich and creamy. We recommend serving chilled. 
A dense, but creamy, orange-scented chocolate custard. Topped with jewel-like pieces of almond brittle, in our all-butter pie crust.  AVAILABLE FROM 12/1